Step 1: fill out the form

Step 2: get the Tourist Voucher, Tourist Invitation and a sample of Visa Application form from us in a few days.

Step 3: fill out the Visa Application form and send us to check if it's all right to Maria Kuleshova ( gcherven@gmail.com )

Step 4: pay for the visa at the nearest Russian Consulate (they should tell you how you can do that and how much it costs)

Step 5: prepare all your documents and check against the list of required documents for the Russian visa (check the country-specific list of documents out with your Consulate)

Step 6: go to the Consulate, submit your documents and wait for the visa.


The fee is 75 Euros.

The larp participation fee is 30 Euros.

The visa application fee (apart from the Consulate fee that you'll pay in your Consulate) is 45 Euros.

You will need to pay the whole sum of money upon your arrival in Russia.