Why attend Larp-Poem 1905?

To experience a large-scale (500+ people) larp with individual approach

To play in a new playing culture

To find new/unusual solutions to the old technical/playing style/etc. challenges

To take part in major social changes and processes recreated by you and hundreds of other participants

To better understand how your country, its culture and history, is perceived by another people

To play a character from any social class which existed in tsarist Russia at the turn of the XX century

To connect with enthusiastic larpers from Russia

To see real, not touristy Russia.

How do I get a role/ character?

1) Read the list of regions and decide on the character type that you’d like to play;

2) Sign up for the larp here stating the desired region and the overall description of the character in question;

3) Discuss your character type/ its necessity/ appropriateness/ place among other characters with the regional GM;

4) Apply for the Russian visa, buy plane tickets and plan your trip while continuing your character creation with your regional GM;

5) Arrive in Russia, pay the participation fee and start playing your character in 1905.

When is the sign-up deadline? How many spots are left?

The sign-up deadline is June 25. Bear in mind, however, that visa application process is the part which is beyond our control, so the earlier you sign up and send us the required information for the visa, the better.

There’s no specific list of roles reserved/intended for foreign participants. We try to tailor each participant’s wish to the “surroundings”, i.e. let the player have the part they wish to play which, at the same time, should meet the larp’s vision and plausibility. As soon as you sign up, you’ll be put in touch with the regional GM and start working on the back story, connections, etc. To make this easier for everyone, we advise you to sign up in groups, if applicable.

How much is the participation fee?

The larp participation fee is 30 Euros which includes food and lodging. Visa getting assistance is 45 Euros.

Which amounts to 75 Euros, all in all.

Where does the larp take place? How do I get to the venue?

The larp will take place in Museum and Park Complex “Gorki Leninskiye” which is situated in about 10 km from Moscow (their site is unfortunately only in Russian but Google-translate should be able help you navigate it. There’s also their FB page).

The recommended airport if arrival is Domodedovo (DME), there will be organized transfer from this airport to the venue. If you arrive at another airport, contact us and we will send you detailed instructions about how to get to the venue or to the meeting point.

When does the larp start and finish?

The Game Masters and the players will arrive at the venue in advance to prepare the site and build the buildings/decorations. Each group/region decides on the time themselves depending on the amount of work to do.

The larp itself begins at July 29, at around 6-7 p.m. and finishes on Saturday night (August 1-2), at around midnight. The clean-up and the departure are on August 2.

Do I have to speak Russian to participate in the larp?

As you'll be likely playing a foreigner, speaking Russian is not a prerequisite. However, knowing a few basic Russian words can help you both in-game and when communicating with fellow players.

What am I going to eat and where am I going to live?

You’ll be able to eat in in-game eating places for the in-game money. Additionally, the GMs will provide food for foreign participants.

The players will live in a camping. Let us know in advance, and we’ll provide you with a tent and a sleeping bag. Please, bring all other hiking accessories (chairs, cups, etc.) with you.

There will be showers and portable toilets on the venue.

Important: blood-sucking insects are common in forests in summer, so do not hesitate to bring a mosquito repellent!

What do I bring to the larp?

You will need hiking outfit/equipment, clothes and footwear fitting the weather, documents and money, the in-game costume(s) and accessories. You will get further information regarding the costume(s) and paraphernalia from the communication with the regional GM.

Each player prepares their own costume and props in accordance with the role. Players also take part in the building of houses/ public buildings.

Foreign participants will be living all together or close to each other in-game for you to be able to communicate in English among yourselves

Will I be able to deliberately break the immersion for a few hours and, say, go for a ride? Or, what do I do if I feel the need to discuss possible consequent actions with other players?

There is no practice of deliberately breaking the immersion in the Russian larping culture. All the issues regarding the game should be settled in-game.

What do I do if I need to tell other players some information regarding practical issues? How do I get them “off-game”?

In your first sentence you must make it clear that the communication is not game-related. However, try not to abuse this opportunity. Bear in mind that not all players speak English, so you might need an interpreter. In difficult cases feel free to talk to an organizer – we will do our best to help you.

Can I wear modern everyday clothes under the in-game clothing? What sort of footwear should I wear in-game?

Modern clothes can be worn under the in-game clothing as long as they are hidden. We recommend wearing usual or stylized footwear; it’s warm enough in central European Russia at the end of July – beginning of August to wear (stylized) shoes. Army boots are likely to be prohibited for soldiers. However, keep in mind that at this time of the year there can be steady rains so shoes can get wet.

Can my character sleep in-game in one of the in-game locations?

Yes. Feel free to do whatever helps you immerse in your character or enhance the game of other participants.

Can I play a character of a different gender?

Yes, it is possible but should be agreed upon with the regional GM in advance. We recommend dressing in such a way that will make it clear to other players which gender exactly you’re playing (e.g., using fake moustache if you’re a female playing a male).

Can I drink tap water on location?

Sadly, drinking tap water is unsafe in Russia: it must be boiled before drinking. However, it is safe to drink bottled water.

What are the average temperatures at that time of the year?

In the last 5 years the average temperatures at the end of July were pretty high: > +25ºC during the day and about +10- +15ºC at night. However, the temperature can get as low as +5- +7ºC during the night. We recommend checking out the weather forecast for the Moscow region closer to the game.

What is the alcohol policy?

Drinking alcohol is not prohibited in-game as long as it doesn’t interfere with your playing style or other players’ immersion and play. In case of obvious intoxication, GMs have the right to take various measures up to banning the player from the game.

Should you have any more questions, feel free to use this form or to write to tatiana_925 [at] mail [dot] ru (Tatiana Shutova)

To sign up for the game and leave your suggestions for the character, click here.

Important: before jotting down your vision of your character, please, take a couple of minutes to read the short description of the in-game regions!